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For Students

Rules of Conduct in Computer Rooms during Internet-Olympiads

The student participating in the Internet-Olympiad must comply with these Rules of Conduct in Computer Rooms:

  1. The student may bring writing tools (pen, pencil) to the test room. Other possessions should be left in a special place (including the mobile phone turned off).
  2. In order to take the Olympiad test, the student may only work with the software shell and guidance materials provided by the organizing committee.
  3. During the Internet-Olympiad, the student must not talk, pass items to one another, use mobile phones (or other communications devices).
  4. The student may ask the Internet-Olympiad organizer present in the room or a computer room technician a question related to the test technology.
  5. After the Internet-Olympiad ends, the student must hand in his or her draft papers to the organizer present in the room.