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The first stage of the Mathematics Internet-Olympiad is held from November, 12, 2018, to March, 2, 2019. First, second, and third-year students are invited to take part.

The test duration is 180 minutes. 

Time is counted individually for each student starting with the student’s logging in the test system (Start Test button). The time of transition from one task to another is not counted.  

Subject sections

The first stage participants of the Mathematics Olympiad are offered 16 tasks in the following sections:

1.      Linear algebra

2.      Vector algebra

3.      Analytic geometry

4.      Introduction to calculus

5.      Differential calculus for function of single variable

6.      Differential calculus for function of several variables

7.      Integral calculus for function of single variable

8.      Complex numbers

9.      Ordinary differential equations

10.    Series and power series  

Students are allowed to use reference materials and calculators.

The working languages are Russian and English.

The number of the first stage participants is NOT LIMITED.

Following the Olympiad educational institutions receive:

  • analytics report on the results of the first (qualifying, university-level) stage;
  • certificates for all the participants of the second and third stages, thank-you letters to the Olympiad hosts and heads of institutions;
  • diplomas, medals and souvenirs for the winners of the final stages;
  • winners’ photos are posted in the Winner Gallery on the Internet-Olympiad website;
  • the higher education institution whose students became winners and prize awardees are given the Winner of Open International Internet-Olympiad title that allows the institution to add a special banner with the Internet-Olympiad logo on its website;
  • students’ success is taken into account during the public accreditation procedure and in the Best Educational Programmes of Innovative Russia project.

The organizations responsible for holding the Internet-Olympiads are Research Institute of Education Quality Monitoring and National Fund for Support of Innovations in Education.

Good luck in Internet-Olympiads!

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